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Podcast has moved to www.G4TE.com

Podcast has moved to www.G4TE.com

If you are looking for our latest podcasts we have moved over to the new http://www.G4TE.com website. Our podcast page at Gaming for the Elderly: http://www.g4te.com/category/overseas-connection/ And if you need an RSS feed for your podcast player try: http://theoverseasconnection.podbean.com/feed/

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  • (Not) Seen@PAX Prime: The many outfits of Assassin's Creed September 1, 2014
    PAX Prime in Seattle was host to many displays that celebrate video game series. Ubisoft's booth included several mannequins donning the outfits of characters from its rich Assassin's Creed series. Honestly, we just couldn't find most of them.Continue reading (Not) Seen@PAX Prime: The many outfits of Assassin's Creed(Not) Seen@PAX Prime: […]
  • Beyond: Two Souls PS4 trophies emerge, Director's Cut reported September 1, 2014
    We're going to level with you. If there is any PS3 game from the last two years or so that you've been waiting to buy, you should consider waiting a little longer - because someone is probably remastering it as we speak. The latest to join the ever-growing pile of prettified PS3 re-releases could be the super cinematic, often goofy Page/Cage joint, […]
  • Pre-order Destiny on Xbox One, get launch-day delivery, $10 gift card September 1, 2014
    Those interested in a boxed Xbox One copy of Destiny can snag a few extra perks by pre-ordering this week through the Microsoft Store. Pre-order before September 5 at 5PM ET to lock down launch-day delivery, and all Microsoft pre-orders come with a $10 gift card in digital code form. Those who opt for a digital Xbox One version of Destiny are able to downloa […]
  • A modern-day Asteroids could combine space and survival September 1, 2014
    With Atari back from the brink of extinction once again, the publisher has shifted its focus from a game maker to a license holder that finds development partners to create modern-day interpretations of its library of classic franchises. In an interview during PAX Prime 2014, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais explored his ideas for a modern-day Asteroids experience, s […]
  • Buy Smash Bros. 3DS, Wii U, earn epic public entrances September 1, 2014
    After Super Smash Bros. launches on 3DS, you can walk along to your personal anthem from its soundtrack. If you're lucky enough, your song might land on the dual-disc sampling offered to Club Nintendo members, which would ensure you'd have a copy to lend audio personnel whenever a triumphant public entrance is needed. In order to get the soundtrack […]

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  • So Warframe..interesting and kinda fun and frustrating all at once. Its Destiny but space ninja style and Free to play which is attractive 3 hours ago

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