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G4TE Maxda MX5 Championship gets underway

The Championship got underway today, and whilst the Overseas Connection boys weren’t anyway near the front of the pack, at least the paint jobs coming along nicely.

Team Line ups were:

Green Team 1: Beddy Bear & Markanix
Yellow Team 2: RedToe (Uber) & Racer No. 7
Blue Team 3: DavidTheAlien & DGA93
Red Team 4: Skulduggerer & Murphys Law

Anyone interested in a bit of friendly Forza action, get yourself over to http://www.gamingfortheelderly.com

12 hours later, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is still pretty good

So, I talked briefly about AC: Brotherhood on last week’s show, but I had only put a few hours into it and it really felt like AC 2.5 (or should that be II.V?). The Thanksgiving Holiday has given me a change to really get into it, and after 12 or so hours, I am truly impressed.

Now, AC: B uses the same engine as ACII and the fighting mechanics are pretty much the same, with a few tweeks. There are quite a few things that carry over from ACII. You still hire thieves, mercenaries or courtesans to help you. You still invest your money to upgrade local businesses, earning yourself discounts, unlocking new items and increasing your income. You even have 6 tombs to raid to unlock a cool new set of armor (sounds familiar). So, what is different you ask?

First, Ubi has done a nice job of giving you the feeling that you are rebuilding Assassin’s Guild from the ground up. Remember all those citizens you had to rescue in ACI in order to get vigilantes or monks to help you? They are back. The difference is, helping a citizen inspires them to join your fight. Once they join you, you can send them away to do missions and they will level up, learning the ways of the Assassins. It is worth the time to level them up, because you can call them in to help you in a fight. I had a chance to call in three fully leveled up Assassins in a fight, and by the time I selected my sword, they had killed all of the guards and fled in a puff of smoke.

A small but very welcome addition is a fast travel system in the form of a set of tunnel entrances from which you can travel to any other tunnel entrance in the city. You have to pay money to upgrade them, but it saves some trips across the rather large map. Another nice addition are faction buildings. If you want thieves, courtesans or mercenaries to be available in a certain area, you can buy them a building to operate out of, and they will be close by for your to hire when you need.

So, while AC: Brotherhood is very similar to ACII, there is enough different (and improved) to make it worth you time. I plan to check out the multi-player this weekend, so more to follow.

The Overseas Connection #91


The OC PodcastThe Overseas Connection Podcast #91 – Turkey Day

The Overseas Connection, the official G4TE.com Community podcast makes preparations for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.    Join Murphys Law, Chin Chinny, BigBadDaddy, Skulduggerer and CPM1376 as they sort out the video gaming news of the week, community feedback, and new releases as best they can.

Topics Covered this week:

  • Name your most iconic gaming moment this year and of all time.
  • Top 10 UK Software
  • We run down all the Black Friday shops to keep an eye on.
  • GT5 gives install option that wont have you waiting for long.
  • Netflix goes disc less.
  • Laura Croft and the Guardian of Light finally gets patched for all.
  • PSP phone looking more real as hints get dropped by Sony Exec.
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 updated for PS3.
  • Bioshock Infinite wont be a port on the PS3.
  • Sony pushing 3D hard in 2011.
  • Microsoft to close Halo Wars website …shifts it to Halo Waypoint.
  • Fable 3 patch coming shortly.
  • Rumors: Elder Scrolls 5 MMO?, Black Ops Subscriptions and Amazon UK rip offs.

Download here!

Arcania Gothic 4 – Quality Dialogue

So we spoke the other week, about the shocking dialogue in this game.
So here is a sample of what your missing if you couldn’t be bothered to download the demo (which i wouldn’t hold against you)


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