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The Overseas Connection Podcast #137

The Overseas Connection, the official G4TE.com Community podcast knocks out a quick show this week. Tune in to Murphys Law, CPM1376 and Skulduggerer talk about what they are currently playing, gaming news, new releases, and community feedback .

Topics Covered this week:

  • How much time is good in terms of announcement / lead up & hype for a game?
  • Mass Effect 3 multiplayer confirmned?
  • Steve Jobs passess away.
  • GT5 2.0 spec is released.
  • Unchared 3 single player length revealed.
  • BF3 high res texture pack for consoles.
  • New Wii bundle inbound.
  • Valkeria Chronicles 3 not coming to U.S. & Europe.

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About Murphys Law

As one of the hosts of The Overseas Connection podcast, I try to bring a weekly take of news and humor to our audience whom are wanting to know whats going on in the video game world.


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  • RT @nashmax73: Jon Martin beat AGAIN for a sack. It's like I know I've seen this movie before. It doesn't end well. 1 week ago

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  • I was so excited about Carmegeddon 2 coming to steam, but I have a Mac. Will it come out for Steam Play? @Max_Damage 1 day ago

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  • Thank you to everyone who joined us for some Friday Night Racing fun. Wow, those Henwood tunes were good! If... fb.me/3eUVDBPb8 3 days ago
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