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The Overseas Connection Podcast #156

The OC PodcastThe Overseas Connection, the official G4TE.com Community podcast discusses weekly gaming news, community feedback, new releases and the podcast teams current play lists.  Tune-in and listen to this combination U.S. and U.K. video game podcast as they discuss this weeks topics:

  • More Kingdoms of Amelur: Reckoning talk
  • Mass Effect 3 co-op and demo.
  • SSX & The Darkness 2 demos.
  • Chris tells us about building his PC over the weekend.
  • We briefly mention the Vita launch and Mass Effect 3 on PSN day one.
  • We get into a big discussion on what makes an RPG an RPG.
  • We announce more winners for contests as well as our newest giveaway.
  • Music Break: BF2 Gun Sound Song makes its way back to us.
  • Our upcoming Question of the week: Williams or Lawson? (You know… think Mass Effect)
  • And much more…

email the show: ocpodcast@gmail.com

Leave us a voicemail: US#  (626) 50 – OCPOD [626- 506-2763]

Download it!

About Murphys Law

As one of the hosts of The Overseas Connection podcast, I try to bring a weekly take of news and humor to our audience whom are wanting to know whats going on in the video game world.


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