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The Overseas Connection Podcast #238

The OC PodcastThe Overseas Connection, the official G4TE (Gaming For The Elderly) Community weekly podcast discusses gaming news, community feedback, new releases and the podcast teams current play lists.  Tune-in and listen to this combination U.S. and U.K. video game podcast as they discuss this weeks topics:

  • We talk up more GTA V.
  • Mike gives us hands on impressions from Eurogamer. 
  • Valve announces Steam Machines and a new Controller.
  • Nintendo rattles off a bunch of announcements. 
  • Guerilla Games says next game is not Killzone.
  • Half Life 3 gets more traction care of the European Union
  • And much more 

email the show: ocpodcast@gmail.com

Download it!

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About Murphys Law

As one of the hosts of The Overseas Connection podcast, I try to bring a weekly take of news and humor to our audience whom are wanting to know whats going on in the video game world.


2 thoughts on “The Overseas Connection Podcast #238

  1. GT5 is by far the best one so far, I just love this game, nicely coded

    Posted by Frin | November 6, 2013, 3:57 pm
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    Posted by ゲス 財布 | December 1, 2013, 7:19 am

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