The Overseas Connection Podcast started off as a supplemental audio segment (Murphys Shots) to The CouchMercenaries Podcast / Site.   This grew into an opportunity to produce a stand alone podcast on www.thecouchmercenaries.com.   The crew and podcast have grown and so have our surroundings.  Having a larger contingent of listeners and hosts on the podcast from http://g4te.com  it was a natural evolution for us to become a G4TE community podcast.  So we proudly put forward our little show to you the listener and hope you enjoy it.   

Feel free to leave us feed back on itunes, zune market place or here in our little corner of the internet.

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  • PS+ value really shines more if you have multiple Sony systems. 5 hours ago

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  • On this weeks episode of the Overseas Connection Podcast we'll be giving away a collectors edition copy of the... fb.me/2BalaRR12 5 hours ago
vghub.net - check it out for lots of cool gaming sites

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