Having partied through my youth, I now find myself embedded in chaotic, but highly enjoyable family mayhem.
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G4TE Maxda MX5 Championship gets underway

The Championship got underway today, and whilst the Overseas Connection boys weren’t anyway near the front of the pack, at least the paint jobs coming along nicely.

Team Line ups were:

Green Team 1: Beddy Bear & Markanix
Yellow Team 2: RedToe (Uber) & Racer No. 7
Blue Team 3: DavidTheAlien & DGA93
Red Team 4: Skulduggerer & Murphys Law

Anyone interested in a bit of friendly Forza action, get yourself over to http://www.gamingfortheelderly.com

Arcania Gothic 4 – Quality Dialogue

So we spoke the other week, about the shocking dialogue in this game.
So here is a sample of what your missing if you couldn’t be bothered to download the demo (which i wouldn’t hold against you)

Black Ops – Nuke Town Easter Egg

As discussed on the podcast, for your viewing pleasure!


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