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Games To Get Excited For: Forza 5 – Filmspeed

Title: Forza 5
Developer: Turn 10
Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: November 2013
Platforms: Xbox One

The Xbox One Before and After

Xbox One Eighty

Over the past 3 months we have witnessed something amazing in the gaming industry.  No matter what side of the fence you sit on its hard not to be amazed / bewildered by the amount of change / reversal / transformation the Xbox One has under gone in just 3 months and without actually having launched yet.  Even as I write this, its hard to say that what is to follow will be the end product but I think its worth a quick look at what was and what is to truly grasp what has taken place.

Lets look specifically at what has changed.  I give you Xbox One before and after…for now as things may still change.

Xbox One on May 21, 2013

Xbox One on  August 8, 2013

Always connected via 24 hour check-in

One time internet connection for update – No check-in required after that internet not required.

DRM limiting physical copies being resold to select dealers.

Used games limited to select resellers & friends of over 30 days on friends list.

No DRM – buy and sell as you please

Region Locked games

Region Free games

Family Sharing Plan allowing digital sharing

No digital sharing only physical game sharing

GPU 800mhz Custom AMD Chip

GPU 853mhz Custom AMD Chip

No headset, voice chat via Kinect out of the box

Headset included as well as voice chat via Kinect

No self publishing, publisher partner required

Self publishing allowed and your Xbox One can now be a developer kit.

Don Matrick

Julie Larson-Green

So there you have it!  Changes galore, and to be frank all changes for the better in this authors opinion.  I dare say it even looks like the changing out of Don Matrick for Julie Larson-Green seems to have been a good move considering the majority of these changes, coincidently or not, have come during the week of Don Matrick’s departure from Microsoft and after he left. Further making the case that many of their prior policies may have been under his stewardship.

Are the changes too late or not enough?  Time will tell I suppose as fortune telling for the Xbox One has become increasingly difficult given the console itself has been a bit of a moving target since E3.  We can only hope a book or movie rights will be given for this ever changing story.

Did we miss a change?  Have an opinion on all of this?  Sound off in the comments or in the forums here.

UPDATES (we did warn you that things may still change):

UPDATE #!: Microsoft outlined the new Xbox Live Gold policies which to be honest were less than exciting but part of that was the elimination of the current Family Plan on August 27th. Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One will only require one gold account for the home console and all the gamer tags on that console will get use of the Gold services, Plus the Gold Owner can go to any other console and access all his digital library instantly and share that on that console while logged in. for more: http://news.xbox.com/2013/08/xbox-one-digital-games-and-live-gold

UPDATE #2: This is a big one, Kinect is no longer required to be plugged in for the Xbox One to work. Yes you heard that right, you can turn it off and unplug it if you want but you will lose a bunch of functionality that is integrated with the Kinect sensor. Simply put this is a direct response to those who were voicing concern over “what if it kinect breaks” and “privacy concerns”. For more: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/08/05/ask-microsoft-anything-about-xbox-one

Games To Get Excited For: Ryse – Son of Rome

Title: Ryse: Son of Rome
Developer: Cyrtek
Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: November 2013
Platforms: Xbox One

A behind the scene look at the production of Ryse: Son of Rome.

Games To Get Excited For: Xbox One Game Montage

Title: Xbox One Game Montage
Developer: N/A
Publisher: N/A
Release Date: TBD 2013
Platforms: Xbox One

Microsoft released a niffty little game montage that includes a number of games all coming to Xbox One (and some to other platforms). Bottom line, everybody loves a good game montage and this one fits the bill. Enjoy.


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