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Sony E3 2013 Press Conference

In case you couldn’t watch it live… here you go.

Games To Get Excited For: Grand Turismo 6

Title: Gran Turismo 6
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony
Release Date: Q4 2013
Platforms: PS3

With the announcement of GT6 also comes the news that a demo will be coming to PSN in July 2013.

Games To Get Excited For: South Park: The Stick of Truth

Title: South Park: The Stick of Truth 
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft (formerly THQ)
Release Date:  TBD 2013
Platforms:  PS3 & Xbox 360 
Rating: Pending
Although THQ has gone under, The Stick of Truth was aquired by Ubisoft and we are confident it will see a 2013 release based on what we have heard. 

Games To Get Excited For: Destiny

Title: Destiny
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Release Date:  TBD 2013
Platforms:  PS3 , Xbox 360 & Next Gen Consoles?
Rating: Rating Pending
What we know so far about Destiny is that the game will be an MMO style first person shooter but will not require any kind of subscription.  Bungie is looking to create an almost “Star Wars” like experience and currently the plan is to support this IP for 10 years.  
In analyzing the video we know Earth faced an almost extermination like event which we survive in no small way thanks to the Traveler  a mysterious being  that came to our defense in an orb / moon like ship that remains in orbit long after the events took place.   Humans have retreated to a city under the orbitting sphere and other races (Vex & Kabaal) have taken roots in other parts of the planet and now we find ourselves in conflict with them as the human (the fallen) race seeks to begin expanding. 
You will be able to play solo or with friends on either Xbox 360, PS3 or “Future  Technology” .   This game is going to have a large degree of social interactivity & connection to it.  Expect to see phone aps and other social media elements baked into the experience helping players stay engaged and connected on a level rarely seen in most console games today.  There is no confirmation of any kind of cross platform play but we wouldn’t doubt there is some kind of cross interaction given the level of social media elements that are being hinted at.
There will be 3 “races/factions” to play as: Vex, Kabaal & The Fallen and each look like they will have at least 3 different classes within in them:  Hunter, Warlock & Titan.  We believe the 3 classes will loosely translate into Hunter being a Sniper class, Warlock being some kind of Magic using class and Titan being more of a soldier / Assault class.   You will be able to create your own character, along with customized weapons, gear and vehicles.  
No official release date has been given, although you are able to pre-order the game as of today via Amazon, Best Buy & Game Stop which shows a December 31, 2013 date.  We suspect that is just a place holder for a more formal announcment.  It also is worth mentioning that this game was once thought to be a timed exclusive game to the Xbox 360 but that does not appear to be the case.  Also while we know this game via leaked documents is slated to appear on Next Gen Consoles it only shows pre-order for the Xbox 360 and PS3 currently.  
More details will be coming at GDC 2013 where Bungie is set to talk about the game further. 
Leaked images, video & Concept Art via IGN.com:


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